The hips are susceptible to chronic degenerative conditions like arthritis, as well as injuries like fractures and labral tears. Sometimes, congenital conditions and deformities can also affect hip function. These conditions can cause pain and disability, and may make daily activities like walking, sitting, or bending difficult.

At Augusta-Aiken Orthopedic Specialists, we treat a range of hip conditions, from fractures and injuries to arthritis. Our fellowship trained hip specialists include Dr. John Franklin, Dr. Justin Head and Dr. John Bojescul. Our specialists offer both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options for hip conditions. Dr. Jeremy Jacobs, Dr. David Gallagher, Dr. Douglas Holford and Dr. Timothy Shannon are general orthopedists who also treat various hip pathology. When surgery is needed, we use the latest technologies like robotic hip replacement and utilize minimally invasive techniques whenever possible.

Our Hip Specialties include: