Outpatient Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement is a procedure that has been performed for decades, with successful outcomes for patients with severe knee arthritis. Advances in techniques, technologies, and facilities have allowed us to further improve the experience for patients, and one of the more recent advances in knee replacement surgery is the option to have it as an outpatient procedure.

At Augusta-Aiken Orthopedic Specialists, we strive to provide the best and highest quality surgical options for our patients, expanding our training, equipment, and facilities when we feel it is in our patients’ best interest. Outpatient knee replacement is something that we are able to offer through working with a local outpatient surgical center, and we were the first practice in the region to begin offering this procedure in an outpatient setting. Dr. Franklin, Dr. Gallagher, Dr. Bojescul, Dr. Jacobs, Dr. Massie, Dr. Shannon and Dr. Head all perform outpatient knee replacements.

Who Is Eligible for Outpatient Total Knee Replacement?

Outpatient knee replacement surgery, where the patient is able to return home the day of surgery, can be a great option for patients who are good candidates. However, not all patients are eligible. Good candidates for outpatient knee replacement typically meet the following criteria:

  • Patient is healthy, with no existing conditions that would require overnight monitoring
  • Patient has support at home from family/friends who can stay with them during recovery

Benefits of Outpatient Total Knee Replacement

For eligible patients, there are several potential benefits of outpatient knee replacement, including:

  • The ability to recover in the comfort of your own home
  • Avoiding the discomfort and potential costs of an overnight hospital stay
  • Having surgery in an outpatient facility, which has a lower risk of exposure to contagious conditions than a hospital
  • Having more control over your recovery process, including being able to determine when you get out of bed, eat, take your medication, etc.

Since the pandemic has limited the amount of hospital beds available, we have found that outpatient surgical centers have allowed us to help more patients sooner than we would have been able to in the hospital. The surgical center that we use, AOS Surgery Center, is equipped for outpatient orthopedic surgery and has the highest volume of outpatient knee replacements in the Augusta-Aiken area. Robotic knee replacements are also available at this facility.

What Happens During & After Outpatient Total Knee Replacement?

Prior to outpatient knee replacement, our patients are given educational materials to prepare them for surgery and recovery. We will also bring patients in to tour the surgical facility prior to surgery so that they are comfortable and know what to expect on the day of surgery.

On the day of surgery, the process is much more streamlined and patient-driven than it is in the hospital. Patients typically don’t have to wait as long to be taken back for surgery. Our staff is very focused on making sure each patient has a great experience.

The actual knee replacement procedure is the same for the patient as it would be in the hospital. Our surgeons can utilize the same technology and approaches they would in a hospital, including robotic surgery, in the outpatient facility if that is part of the patient’s surgical plan. We utilize pain management techniques that allow patients to have a low level of pain when they return home after the procedure.

Recovery timelines, including physical therapy and return to activity, are the same as they would be if the procedure is done in the hospital. Overall, we find that patients do better in recovery at their own homes because they are more comfortable in their surroundings and can determine their own schedule, having family members assist them rather than waiting on nursing staff to help in the hospital. Our goal is to give patients the tools they need to be set up for success while they recover at home.

Outpatient Total Knee Replacement in the Augusta-Aiken Community

At Augusta-Aiken Orthopedic Specialists, we strive to continue to provide the most beneficial surgical options for our patients. Advances in technologies, surgical techniques, and pain management have allowed us to offer procedures like total knee replacement to patients in the Augusta-Aiken community in a convenient outpatient setting. Several of our surgeons offer outpatient total knee replacement at our surgical center, including Dr. Franklin, Dr. Gallagher, Dr. Bojescul, Dr. Jacobs, Dr. Massie, Dr. Shannon and Dr. Head.

If you would like to learn more about outpatient total knee replacement or schedule a consultation, please call our office at 706-863-9797 (Augusta office) or 803-649-2250 (Aiken office), or fill out our appointment request form.